Infrastructure Building

In the News: Stony Brook to Lead Translational Biomedical Research Network 

LINCATS at Stony Brook University was awarded $10 million in federal funds (HRSA) in March 2022 to advance our infrastructure in order to thrive as a hub of clinical and translational science. 

"This federal funding will help scale-up operations of this research and healthcare service network, creating an ecosystem that will fast-track the application of new scientific discoveries in clinical medical care. Not only will LINCATS put Long Island on the map as a center of clinical healthcare research, it will help provide innovative new treatments to benefit more patients throughout the region."- U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer

We will be building a state-of-the-art inpatient research unit at Stony Brook University Hospital. This unit will provide the critical patient-oriented infrastructure needed to initiate early therapeutic trials, Phase I and II, proof of concept studies, and research studies requiring inpatient monitoring. 

We will prioritize the use of this unit for investigators who identify as members of underrepresented groups, are early in their career, or who work on health disparities. The LINCATS team will manage the unit, and oversee use, staffing, and services. We will ensure the most optimal scientific use of resources, and the application of appropriate quality control measures for human subjects research. 

The inpatient research unit proposed here will form a key part of the larger LINCATS effort to offer necessary services to promote and facilitate research access, and innovative new research programs in informatics and imaging. The unit will serve as a catalyst for high profile research, using cutting edge technology to address health concerns that are most critical to our underserved populations. 

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