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Dr. Chander Sadasivan is an invited speaker at the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Society for Vascular and Interventional Neurology (SVIN), November 16-18. He will be presenting his LINCATS-funded pilot project, “Clinical Translation of Personalized Medical Devices generated by Topology Optimization”. Medical Device Production Systems (MDPS) are a new regulatory concept developed to approve the production of personalized, patient-matched medical devices (PMD) at point-of-care facilities. Topology Optimization (TO) is a powerful computational tool that can optimize the distribution of material to find the most efficient structure that fulfills the requirements defined by objective and constraint functions in the optimization scheme. Using TO, a set of disease-specific objective functions and constraints can be developed and applied to patient-specific variables (such as anatomy, stress or hemodynamics loads) in order to generate topology optimized, patient-matched medical devices (TO-PMD). These TO-PMDs can then be 3D-printed and implanted in that specific patient. His long-term goal is to develop an MDPS whereby a point of care facility would input relevant data from a specific patient into TO software, the software would output a device structure optimized to treat that patient’s anatomy, a 3D-printer would manufacture the device, and the facility would post-process, sterilize, and proceed to implant the device in the patient. In this pilot project, Dr. Sadasivan and co-Investigator Dr. Shikui Chen of Mechanical Engineering will generate TO devices for several brain aneurysm anatomies and define a design envelope for these devices as the first step towards development of an MDPS for this disease.


 Before Topology Optimized medical device implantedAfter Topology Optimized medical device implanted
After TO device
High flow activity inside aneurysm
After TO device
Flow activity inside aneurysm is significantly reduced indicating effective treatment
Click to Watch: Topology Optimization to generate medical device structure


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