The Long Island Network for Clinical and Translational Science (LINCATS), established in 2018, is a collaboration between Stony Brook University, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and the Northport VA Medical Center. 

Mission: To serve the people of Long Island by focusing on health equity, building a more nimble research infrastructure, and promoting community engagement through outreach, education and training.


What is Clinical and Translational Science (CTS)?

Translation is the process of turning observations into interventions to improve health. We work with researchers, the public and other stakeholder groups to design new approaches and technologies that ultimately will deliver more treatments to more people more quickly.


Our Aims

Build. Expand research infrastructure of programs, services and tools.

Educate. Expand education in clinical and translational science with emphasis on diversity and health disparities.

Engage. Embed community leaders into our research, with a focus on tribal communities, low socio-economic status groups and under-represented groups. Affect public health faster through research, communication, education and networking.

Innovate. Prioritize innovation to solve chokepoints in CTS areas with direct impact on public health. 

Collaborate. Make LINCATS and other CTSAs better innovators, researchers, educators, and communicators by building on and sharing resources and discoveries within the CTSA network through collaboration. Create access to participation in CTSA multi-center studies for our researchers.


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